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About me

  • Name: Nellie. Also known as Lobo.
  • Birth year: 1978.
  • Education:
    • 1997 – 2000. Professional Lyceum of Animation Cinema (Moscow)
      Specialty: animator.
    • 2000 – 2006. Moscow Pedagogic Lenin University: graphic-arts faculty,
      Specialty: painter, educator.

It turns out that most tattooists begin their career in the army. Irregardless that essentially it is related to males, my first tattoo was also born on one winter evening of 1997 in a military town.

However it all began a year earlier when, due to efforts of one wonderful maestro, a small (two and a half cigarette pack) unambitious thing appeared on my shoulder. When observing the process I thought: «Possibly I could do it as well!»

I have been drawing since my childhood and I really like graphics. In particular I succeed the most in graphic arts in many of its developments. Artistic tattoo is the most exotic out of all kinds of graphics that I am more interested in.

«Tattoo is at most connected to life as it is, wherefore canvases, sculptures, objects, architecture are long-playing in history and belongs to all, where a tattoo is a peculiar and personal development. It is an expression on the “inner self” individual at the present moment of history, given by the hand of the performer, and it exists on a body of the individual only due to his own being». (A.V. Minashkin) — to my mind these are the best words ever told about tattoo. No article or a historical review can express the development as full as these words.

When together with my friend, a porch neighbor, I assembled my first rotor machine of a tape player motor and a collet pen I would never even think to call myself a tattooist or tattoo artist.

It all happened in a military town and tattoos in the army as usual were incredibly subject of current interest.

That's how my first miscue came to life. Later in 7 years I corrected this «piece of art», but to tell you the truth among the blue-green inhabitants of forearms of officers and soldiers it looked pretty good even without a correction.

Tattoo-artist's journey is if anything one of the longest journeys to perfect the experience, limit to which for me is defined bleary even now. I am glad that with time going by the tastes of tattoo admirers become more refined. I like black and white graphics in many of its developments and also academic tracery. As a consequence: Black & Gray is my favorite direction of tattoo art.

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